Cash loans for apartment renovation

For a long time cash loans have been used for various purposes, including renovating an apartment. Very often, such a cash loan for renovation is taken for an amount of about 50,000 dollars. Unfortunately, for a smaller amount the renovation company will not be able to carry out any renovation of the apartment. In addition Continue Reading

Interest-free loan study – instant loan online

Various foundations offer interest-free loans to individual groups of needy students for their studies, especially at the end of their studies. The Raka loan is intended to provide students with the economic basis to dedicate themselves to studying, to earning a living and successfully completing their studies without any extra work. To finance your studies, Continue Reading

Pre-owned Cars

Pre- owned cars are cars that have been used for around one or two years and have a mileage of no more than 25,000km. In addition, it must be in practically perfect conditions, both mechanically and structurally, in addition to having all the documentation in order. It is important to know that despite being used Continue Reading

Car Dealer – Credit

The specialist for the car trade: dealer financing, car leasing, car loan, factoring, fleet management & fleet service. Personal loans may be terminated either without notice or with a maximum notice period of one month, even before the end of the regular term. Cash purchase, leasing and credit each have their advantages and disadvantages. The Continue Reading