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If you are looking for a new vehicle, you should also think about the right financing in good time. Although the manufacturers also offer to finance their loans, a dealer loan is not necessarily the cheapest financing option. An easy car loan with bad credit as compariloan notes can be found above all through one of the many direct banks on the Internet.

Those who take out a car loan through a separate bank have the advantage that they can act as a cash payer towards the dealer. In this way, attractive discounts can be negotiated that is not possible with financing through the dealer. The easiest way to find a cheap loan for the car is through an online loan comparison.

The loan offers a large number of banks that can be compared with one another. The loan comparison is free of charge via various online portals on the Internet. It is sufficient to enter the required amount and the desired term in the loan calculator. This compares the cheapest offers within a short time and also determines the monthly rate for each loan.

Different types of car loans

In addition to a conventional installment loan, more and more banks are also offering so-called balloon financing. The advantage of balloon financing is the lower monthly installments. For this, a larger final rate remains at the end of the term. There are various options for settling the final installment.

This can either be paid in full or further financed through a follow-up loan. There is also the option of selling the vehicle and repaying the final installment with the proceeds. The total cost of balloon financing is in most cases higher than that of an installment loan. Therefore, such financing is particularly worthwhile if the borrower expects a larger amount of money from the savings contract by the end of the term.

What to look for in a car loan

As with all loans, a cheap loan for a car is characterized by the lowest possible APR. Since this already includes all-important costs such as interest and processing fees, the effective annual interest rate is the ideal comparison feature for a loan. However, the interest rate is not the only criterion that should be considered when choosing a car loan.

The borrower should also ensure that they can make special repayments free of charge during the term of the loan. In the ideal case, the complete early redemption of the loan is also possible to free of charge. If residual debt insurance is to be taken out for the loan, it is important to compare the costs for this as well.

A cheap loan for the car can be considerably more expensive due to the high premium of residual debt insurance. Depending on the bank, up to 30 percent of the loan amount is charged.

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