Online loan at Elior Bank is a liability that can be drawn from a minimum amount of $ 500. A maximum of $ 50,000 with a loan period of 3 to 120 months can be borrowed under this offer. The nominal interest rate per annum here is 6.90%. The bank does not charge any commission fee for granting the loan. The APRC is 12.26% per annum here. Monthly installments will be 132 dollars each. The loan will cost a total of $ 1,940, of which we will pay $ 1,241 as interest. It is necessary to provide the bank with a statement of earnings. The bank allows borrowers to repay their liabilities earlier.


Cash loan at uBank

cash loan

You can get a cash loan at uBank from $ 500 to as much as $ 150,000. As for the loan period, it ranges from 3 to 120 months. Nominal interest here is 7.99% per annum. The commission for the bank is 12.99% of the amount lent to us. The Annual Real Interest Rate is 14.14% per annum here. The monthly installments that we will pay to the bank will be 137 dollars each. The cost of the loan will be $ 2,246, of which interest will be $ 1,467. One of the conditions is to provide the bank with a statement of earnings. The bank enables early repayment of the liability as well as the option of negotiating its interest rate.


Cash loan at Bank Sharpwill Credit

Cash loan at Bank Sharpwill Credit

We will take out a cash loan at Sharpwill Credit from a minimum amount of $ 1,000. The maximum amount made available by this bank is $ 150,000. Here, the loan period is a maximum of 120 months. The nominal interest rate is 8.70% per annum. A commission of 12.50% of the loan amount must be paid to the bank. The actual APRC interest rate here is 14.76% per annum. The borrower will pay the bank monthly installments of $ 139 each. The loan will cost $ 2,349, of which the amount of interest will be $ 1,599. A borrower’s earnings statement will be required. It is also possible to repay the loan earlier and negotiate the interest rate.

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