Various foundations offer interest-free loans to individual groups of needy students for their studies, especially at the end of their studies. The Raka loan is intended to provide students with the economic basis to dedicate themselves to studying, to earning a living and successfully completing their studies without any extra work. To finance your studies, you have a range of loans available on favorable terms. If your studies are financially scarce, you can borrow the money through a loan. Half of Bafög is donated, the other half as an interest-free loan.


Loans & Education Loans

Loans & Education Loans

With the help of the student loan, the living expenses are financed during the study visit. The promotion of first and second degree courses, postgraduate courses and doctorates is possible. Students between 18 and 44 years are eligible to apply. The education loan is used for the financial support of further education. It is independent of income and parents and is paid to children and adolescents in the past years of their school or study time to cover their living expenses.

The education loan can be used in addition to student loans for students of the Federal Office for Professional Education and the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau .


Student loans instead of abortion

Student loans instead of abortion

If your studies are economically scarce, you can also borrow the necessary capital through a loan. In the case of a loan, you undertake to reimburse the loan later every month. Anyone planning “sober” can create the economic conditions for their studies. You can use the price to open a semester abroad or bridge the past semester so that you do not have to work in the exam stress.

Basically, apply to all loans, not just for student loans: Get advice from other than the lenders and compare the different options. According to the current Che student loan test 2015, both state sponsors are in high demand and are looking for interest-free loans.

For example, the Ernie Coate Foundation grants students in the final phase an interest-free loan of up to $ 2000 for five years. Finally, the study should not fail due to a funding shortage. Because the conclusion should not have failed due to a funding shortage. What loans are there for students? We would like to give you a first insight into the study in a few words.

Each year, the Center for Higher Education compares educational funds, student loans and student loans as part of the CHE study credit test. There are both private and public loans for students. The Landersi Bank of the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau provides you with an education loan, which depends on your parents’ income and the Bavarian State Development Institute for Education. However, this will only be granted after two years of study or a preliminary examination. The education loan is intended to enable students to pay extraordinary expenses, such as a semester abroad or the final phase of their studies.

Applications can be submitted up to a maximum of $ 300 per month for a period of two years, ie up to $ 7200. Unlike the Federal Ministry of Finance , however, the training loan must be repaid in full and plus default interest. The student loan volume of the Kreditanstalt is increased by up to $ 650 per month. The promotion of first and second degree programs as well as postgraduate courses and doctorates is possible.

The detailed evaluation of the student loan can be found at the internet address studis_de. More and more credit institutions are granting special loans to students who stand out in terms of interest rate, repayment and other conditions. Another type of student loan is offered by educational institutions. Investors pay a certain amount into a common “pot” or fund from which student loans are paid out.


The funds can also come from a non-profit organization

money loan

The funded student pays the salary after completion of the study visit with interest or over a certain period of time with a fixed portion of his salary. The funds will then go in proportion to the investors who are waiting to get the capital back and make a profit to return it to new students.

Some universities have their own training funds, such as the TU Munich. If you are looking for an alternative to bank loans, you should take a look at the study resources. More information about the training funds can be found on the studis-online website. The providers of educational funds include.

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