Pre-owned Cars

Pre- owned cars are cars that have been used for around one or two years and have a mileage of no more than 25,000km. In addition, it must be in practically perfect conditions, both mechanically and structurally, in addition to having all the documentation in order. It is important to know that despite being used cars, its minimal use allows you to have a long life ahead.

Main advantage of pre-owned cars

Main advantage of pre-owned cars

But what is the main advantage of pre-owned cars? Mainly the price, since it is considerably lower than the same new model. In Spain in 2016, 204,000 pre-owned cars were sold, 30% more than in 2015.

Are you thinking about acquiring one? It is better that you always go to a dealer and not to an individual for the following advantages that they offer you:

  • The concessionaires are obliged to offer one year warranty, sometimes even two years. Individuals are not obliged to offer any guarantee.
  • The dealers make sure that the quality of the product is practically the same as that of a new car. With individuals the real state is unknown.
  • The maintenance books of the vehicle are corroborated. Individuals are usually incomplete or do not appear and a subsequent revision in the workshop should be carried out.
  • In the dealerships they guarantee you the mileage of the car. Individuals, sometimes, no.
  • The price is usually higher because it usually includes services that increase it, such as the quality certificate, the guarantee, the procedures, financing… With a private person you can negotiate the price, but you run the risk of buying a car without guarantee.
  • There are dealers that price the current vehicle and discount its price of the new car purchased. Individuals usually do not accept an old car as part of the payment.
  • The dealers usually offer financing. Individuals demand cash payment without the possibility of financing.
  • The concessionaires are responsible for carrying out all the necessary procedures. With an individual is the buyer himself who must process the change of vehicle ownership and pay taxes.

And remember that despite being called ” used cars ” or ” pre-owned cars “, they are cars with a young age that does not exceed 2 years and with a maximum mileage of 25,000km with very limited use.

From Financial Express we hope that this information has been useful for you. And if you are thinking of buying a pre-owned car remember that you can request a loan for your car with total ease.